WYLIE Aviation Insulation Pad Motherboard IC Swap Thermal Mat 5pcs


WYLIE Aviation Thermal Insulation Pad for protecting mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and electronic equipment from overheating during motherboard welding repair, screen IC swaps, component replacement, etc.

Wylie screen bracket adhesive blade can directly remove residual adhesive from screens with brackets without damaging the screen for iPhone 12-15 Pro Max. The iPhone 12-15 series screen and bracket cannot be detached when stuck together. After adhesive removal, the bracket can be attached to the screen without removing it.

Wylie Heat Insulation Pad is used to dissipate heat during soldering repairs and to protect the surrounding components from damage. A high thermal conductivity coefficient and high-temperature resistance make this insulation pad ideal for repairs to mobile phone motherboards.

1. Excellent Thermal Conductivity: The insulation pad provides superior thermal conductivity to dissipate heat rapidly during motherboard repairs and chip swaps or replacements to prevent component overheating.
2. Ensuring the Safety of Surrounding Components: This insulation pad protects surrounding components from high temperatures during the repair process.
600℃ (Max.) Temperature Resistance: Withstanding temperatures of up to 600 °C, it is particularly useful for almost all repair environments.
3. Thermal Conductivity Coefficient: An excellent thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.012 indicates the material’s ability to conduct heat.


Brand: WYLIE.
Product Name: Aviation Heat Insulation Pad.
Temperature Resistance (Max.): 600 °C.
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient: 0.012.
Package Size: 5*5 CM.
Quantity (Per Pack): 5PCs.


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