Winhy 890S Digital Multimeter with Portable AC/DC Voltage/Current Detector



WinAPEX 890S Voice Value True RMS Digital Multimeter with Test Lead
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1. Thickened mainboard, real object, stable and durable, built-in double insurance and full protection function, anti-high voltage sparking design.
2. 18 functions, with anti-burn function, effectively protect the machine from damage caused by improper operation.
3. Smart chip LCD display, clear, no ghosting, easy to read, with backlight function, can be measured normally in dark environment.
4. The multimeter can measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, etc.
5. ABS material, easy to operate, with intelligent voice broadcast, accurate measurement.
Item type: Multimeter
Model: 890S
Material: ABS
Power supply: 1x6F22 9V 

Technical Index

DC voltage: 1000V ±(1.0% + 10)

AC voltage: 750V ±(1.2% + 10)

Direct current:10a ±(1.5 + 10)

Alternating current: 10a ±(3.0 + 10)

Resistance: 20MΩ ±(1.2 + 8)

Ability: 20000microf ±(5.0+10)

Frequency rate: 1000Hz ±(0.1 + 3)

Max Display: 1999 (3/1/2) bit

Input resistance: 10MΩ

Sampling frequency: 3 seconds/hour

Automatic shutdown: 18 minute

Package Includes
► 1 Pcs WinAPEX 890S 10A 1000V Digital Multimeter
► 1 Pair Test Leads Probe
► 1 Pcs 9V Battery


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