SUNSHINE P1 Pro Digits Regulated Power Supply



  • Brand: Sunshine
  • Product name: Intelligent regulated power meter
  • Model: P1 Pro
  • Net weight: ≈1105g
  • Host size: 68*120*195mm
  • Buming cord length: ≈560mm
  • Spot welding line length: ≈675mm
  • Power cord length: ≈1480mm
  • Input voltage: AC 100~230V 50/60Hz
  • Total output power: 250W
  • Mains voltage: 0~28V
  • Main supply current: 0~20A
  • Fast charge: PD/QC3.0
  • Power supply output voltage at startup: 2~5.2V
  • Power supply output current at startup: 0.45~6A
  • Display resolution: Voltage 0.01V Current 0.001A
  • Working conditions (temperature): 0~40℃
  • Working conditions (relative humidity): 80>#/li###
  • Storage conditions (temperature): -10~70℃
  • Storage conditions (relative humidity): 35%~45>#/li###

Package includes:

  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Spot Welding Wire
  • 1 x Burning Wire


  • P1 Pro sufficient power intelligent regulated power supply, professional and technical needs, compact and mini
  • It can be used in many fields such as burn-in, battery spot welding, battery start-up, QC fast charging, PD fast charging, waveform display, remote upgrade, comprehensive voltage stabilization output, etc.
  • Supports precision welding of electronic components, battery plate replacement, lithium battery nickel sheets, etc.; the first/second pulse duration can be customized
  • Solve the short-circuit fault repair of mobile phones and various electronic devices, quickly switch three-way voltage, and support free adjustment of current and voltage
  • Supports PD/QC fast charging protocol, real-time detection of fast charging voltage and current, more powerful functions
  • Supports iPhone/Android battery protocol, and one-click power-on test of the motherboard, making maintenance more convenient
  • DC output waveform display, current size, and range are automatically switched, current sampling accuracy is 0.1mA, and waveform display is clearer and more convenient
  • Online remote software upgrade, continues to innovate, and software functions are upgraded wirelessly
  • LCD high-definition color interface, digital display, pointer, and curve display can be switched at will (curve characters adapt)
  • Highly integrated intelligent comprehensive voltage stabilization, multifunctional smart power supply makes maintenance easier and meets the needs of professional technicians
  • Although small in size, its functions are not reduced at all. It is not restricted by the site and occupies a small area
  • Wide range voltage for global use, Suitable for 100~230V AC power supply voltage input, supporting multiple voltage scenarios
  • Mechanical knob model, the function can be selected according to the rotation control of the knob, long life and easy to operate
  • Good heat dissipation channels effectively reduce heat generation and ensure normal and safe operation of the machine
  • Stainless steel pen, Thin steel needle tip, flame retardant, high temperature resistant, anti-freezing, and not hardening
  • Fine soldering pen, made of red copper, supports large current and has good conductivity


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