Relife RL-2020 soldering wick 2.0mm solder remover



Product Description

Relife Low Residue Desoldering Wick Braid come with Thumb Wheel Dispenser No-Clean Solder Wick Cord for Phone BGA PCB Board Cleaning Repair Tool

High efficiency and save the electric repairing time.
Avoid the high temperature destruction of electrics PCB.
Design in precision,guarantee the max surface tension and the ability of absorbing tin.
Speed up the speed of absorbing tin and low residue of flux.
Increase the speed of cleaning the PCB board.
Oxidation resistivity and anti-corrosion protection,good thermal conductivity.
Thumb-wheel dispenser ensures easy, clean and safe operation.
The sealed dispenser protects wire from moisture for better lifespan

Removes up to four times more solder than conventional wick, and extracts solder much faster than wicks based on Type-R fluxes, Residue left behind is halide free and non-conductive, so it does not have to be cleaned off the board, 100% copper wick has fine braid design to promote strong capillary action to pull in excess solder

Specification: RL-2020
Type: Desoldering Wire
Modle: RL-2020
Material: Copper and Rosin
Width: 2.0mm
Length: 2.0 meter
Features: Anti-oxidation, Anti-corrosion

Package includes:
1pcs x Solder Remover Wick


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