Mechanic 900M-T-C9+ Micro Soldering Heating Platform Repair Deglue Desolder



দোকান নং- 4/2 (৫ম তলা- লিফ্টের-4),

গুলিস্তান শপিং কমপ্লেক্স (হল মার্কেট),

২ বঙ্গবন্ধু এভিনিউ, গুলিস্তান, ঢাকা।

সারাদেশে হোম ডেলিভারী সহ সব ধরনের কোরিয়ারে পন্য পাঠানোর ব্যবস্থা রয়েছে।


সরাসরি অর্ডার করতে যোগাযোগ করুন- 01784131946



The MECHANIC 900M-T-C9+ soldering station is a reliable and efficient tool for soldering tasks. It features a durable and temperature-resistant 900M-T-C9+ soldering iron tip, which provides excellent heat transfer and precision. The soldering station is designed with user convenience in mind, offering adjustable temperature control for optimal soldering performance. With its reliable performance and ergonomic design, the MECHANIC 900M-T-C9+ soldering station is a valuable tool for professionals and hobbyists alike.


  • Easy to remove & install connectors/face ID cable. Used to IC reballing, flex cable repair, and FPC soldering.
  • Application range :
  • Used to heat the internal connector of the screen flex cable and the replacement and installation of face ID, flex
  • cable, and chips for various phones. It can solve the bulging and deformation of flex cable due to the early
  • replacement of the internal connector and uncontrollable temperature of the air gun effectively


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