OSS T210 Soldering Station compatible JBC 210 T26 handle Soldering iron tip ESD solder rework station 2S heating Welding Tools তাতাল



  • 2 Seconds of tin, LED liquid crystal display, automatic sleep.
  • This soldering station has an automatic sleep function, which can reduce the temperature of the welding tip during the idle time of the tool, which can extend the service life of the welding tip by up to 5 times, and automatically save the last set temperature function.
  • Intelligent wake-up design, in standby sleep mode, pick up the handle to automatically end sleep, quickly return to temperature, and bid farewell to the traditional shortcomings of slow heating and bulky.
  • Unique heating method, rapid heating, 2 seconds to melt tin, 120-450°C constant temperature control, stable temperature, automatic temperature compensation, and precise temperature control.
  • The control panel is concise and clear, with an intelligent LCD display, visualized operation, and more convenient operation.
  • High-power transformer, fast heat dissipation, sufficient transforming power, rapid temperature rise.
  • Zinc alloy multi-function soldering iron stand, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-static, no deformation, easy to clean.
  • High-temperature resistant silicone handle, high temperature resistant, anti-scald, comfortable hand feeling.
  • Plug-in integrated heating element, integrated design, stainless steel material, anti-oxidation, fast heating, good tinning effect, plug and play, convenient and fast.





The OSS T210 soldering station is a professional-grade tool used for precision soldering tasks. It includes a digital temperature control system for accurate heat adjustment, ensuring optimal soldering results. The station features a durable soldering iron with a comfortable grip and an efficient heating element. It also includes a soldering iron stand with a sponge for cleaning the tip and a power switch for convenient operation. The OSS T210 soldering station provides reliable performance and is suitable for various electronic soldering applications.


GVM T210 Soldering Station Rapid Warming with Automatic Sleep 2S Melting Tin for Mobile Phone Repair Fixed Temperature Soldering Station


Products Details:

  • Power: 75W
  • Voltage range: AC110-230V
  • Output voltage: 12V
  • Temperature control range: 120-450C Temperature
  • Bits: Used Like JBC
  • Handle: Like JBC Handle


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