M-Triangel CP-201 LCD Screen Separator Machine



Product Description :

More convenient : This Latest Upgraded Vacuum LCD Separator with Vacuum Pump Built-in, get rid not only of the traditional fixture clamps or screws, but of the heavy Vacuum Pump.
You do not worry whether the LCD is fixed well any more when you work.
Larger heating plate : It can be used for mobile phone Max 7 inch universal, without the clamps on the panel, working plate gets larger.
Lower noise & lighter weight : The previous vacuum pump now has changed into a mini vacuum generator, with lighter weight, and the generator inside works quietly.

Product Parameters:
Equipment power supply: AC220V/AC110V
Equipment power: 300 w
Working environment: 20-30 ℃
production efficiency: manual cutting
Production efficiency: 30 / hour
Heating mode: constant temperature heating
Applicable size: ≤7 inches of all models
Equipment size: 320 * 180 * 128 mm
Net weight: 3 kg
Number: CP – 201
Heating mode: PTC heating


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