Knife Set Mechanic iMax 9, (for ICs, 20 in 1)



Mechanic iMax 9 Adhensive Cutted Blade 20 in 1
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Product Description
1.Mechanic iMax9 20 in 1 CPU BGA Chip Glue Remove Knife for Phone Motherboard, Rubber Shovel UV Glue Disassembly Cleaning
2.The ultra-thin blade is made of alloy steel, which is good toughness, high-temperature resistant, has no deformation, and is hard-wearing disassembling
3.Double Rotary Head handle is equipped with a high-temperature resistant tip that can clamp the blade tightly, bring a comfortable use feeling to users
4.Mechanic IMAX 9 20in1 Blade Set: the blade has high-temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance toughness
1.Sample quenching: 780~820°C, Water Cooled.
2.Starting temperature: 1000~1050°C, end temperature 850°C
3.Quenching Specification :
4.Quenching temperature: 730-760°C
5.Quenching Hardness: 58 HRC
Package Includes
1 x Mechanic iMax 9 Adhensive Cutted Blade 20 in 1


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